Private Pod on the London Eye with Eric Thomas
A HUGE Thank You to Incipio Academy, The Secret Network and Eric Thomas for holding this private event in aid of The One Wish Foundation, amazing support for the work we do. More info on the event at: THIS IS AN AMAZING OPPORTUNITY - AN INVITATION ONLY SUPER VIP EVENT  We would like to invite…... Read More
Keep the beat! We did it well wishers!
We did it, a huge thank you to Amit Gosai, Karen & Richard Goodwin, AJ Joshi, Omar Choudhry, Jamie and everyone at Keep the beat! We delivered a cheque today to Keep the beat and Glenfield Hospital for a staggering total of £4244.52! While there we were told by Karen…... Read More
Children of Africa
Be part of the solution Together we can make a difference Our goal is to reach 1m #wellwishers, follow us on twitter Read More
Great Ormond Street Hospital
AJ Joshi attends meeting with the head of Community Matt Forrest and the Head of Digital Marketing Dan Farmer at Great Ormond Street Hospital. We are planning a special synergy between The One Wish Foundation, TSN and Great Ormond Street. Our plans are to get twitter involved and work together…... Read More
Toys for kids
Container of toys have arrived for kids this Christmas, we plan to hand deliver with secret celebs to hospitals and young people we work with. Here are just some of them :) "All toys and expenses for this was donated by me, nothing was taken from donations by other people…... Read More
Well done Amit!
You did it Amit! You helped raise over £3000 for Jamie's Heart Appeal, well done Amit, you've never ran before and this goes to show, if you really want it! You can do it! You're an inspiration... Read More
We Did It! (and without taking any money out!)
We have just completed major changes on the website and now have a full and final working website with tons of exciting features! What's more, unlike many other organisations, we did it without using a single penny of donated money! Thank you Six2 for all your help... We did it!... Read More
New Features in v3.1
One of the best things about having Six2 involved on the One Wish project is that the possibilities really are endless. We're always working to improve the user interface and experience of the website to make it a much more enjoyable and pleasurable experience for you whilst maintaining the morals…... Read More


For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Mark 8:36 King James Version Do the right thing 58 months ago

80,000 children are homeless, tonight we sleeout for them, £85,000 raised so far, donate at 59 months ago

RT @AJ: ..@actnforchildren was set up 100+ years ago, they make miracles happen, I've decided to do it again, plse support:… 59 months ago


Unity is everything. Together we can really make a difference, help trend topics and make certain issues we all believe in go viral including missing children, natural disasters and issues that simply aren't being acknowledged, we really need you to help make our voice heard. Click 'Like' below and 'Follow Us.'
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For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Mark 8:36 King James Version Do the right thing

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