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The main focus of the charity is children displaced against their will from normal society, children of war, orphans and broken families.

We also focus on women in distress due to uncontrollable circumstances and building sustainability amongst communities suffering from the lack of basic needs.


Unity is everything and makes a huge difference. Social networks have given us the ability to spread awareness faster than ever before on issues that really matter to all of us and costs absolutely nothing. If we stand together, we can make a difference.

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Without your help, nothing is possible, together we can make a difference, we need regular donations in order to operate and create sustainability. If you cannot afford to help financially, you can help in other ways, start by making your homepage and using Google™ there.


The One Wish Foundation is operated by entrepreneurs with a vision to create long term sustainability as oppose to short term hand outs.

We are 100% ethical and aim to ensure that the maximum possible percentage of your donation reaches the causes and projects we believe in. Together we will make a difference and better our future generations.

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Create a 'Do Something' and tell your friends, family and community to donate towards your project and let's make a difference together.

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Unity is everything. Together we can really make a difference, help trend topics and make certain issues we all believe in go viral including missing children, natural disasters and issues that simply aren't being acknowledged, we really need you to help make our voice heard. Click 'Like' below and 'Follow Us.'